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Foot Mobilization Therapy

Foot Mobilization Therapy is a highly effective type of joint mobilization. This therapy uses proven, comfortable manipulation techniques to improve many problems caused by foot misalignment and biomechanical issues. Foot Mobilization Therapy is a gentle, hands-on technique. Patients worldwide have had their foot problems solved without turning to medication or surgery. Explore how Feet in Motion can improve your health and change your life with Foot Mobilization Therapy.

foot mobilization therapy

What Is Foot Mobilization Therapy?

Foot Mobilization Therapy (FMT) is a holistic, hands-on approach to physical therapy. When your feet are properly aligned and supported, your entire body will feel better. To meet this goal, FMT focuses on both the bones in your feet and the muscles that support them. 

Bone and joint realignment is one important goal of FMT. Other treatments may temporarily reduce foot pain, but Foot Mobilization Therapy gently encourages your bones back into their correct positions, leading to powerful, long-term results. Your feet will feel better when your bones and joints are back where they belong.

Your foot muscles are equally vital to the Foot Mobilization Therapy process. Your muscular system supports your skeleton, so FMT aims to strengthen the muscles in your feet. Healthy muscles help stabilize your bones, helping keep your feet aligned. 

FMT takes a holistic, systemic look at the health of your feet. By working with both your bones and your muscles, Foot Mobilization Therapy helps increase treatment success and maintain positive changes.

What To Expect During Foot Mobilization Therapy

At Feet In Motion, we never want you to worry about what to expect during your therapy session. Foot Mobilization Therapy is a gentle, painless process, even for patients who have experienced long-term foot pain. 

FMT is one of the least invasive tools for restoring foot health. During your treatment, our chiropodist will assess your needs for corrective manual therapy.

Once we’ve identified joint stiffness, we gently bring your foot through its normal range of passive motion. These careful, natural movements help clear up joint stiffness. The treatment also helps your body refresh and repair itself. FMT results in physiological changes to your posture, improved balance, and increased natural lubricating fluid between your joints.

How To See The Best Results

Foot Mobilization Therapy is a powerful, versatile therapy that gives you long-lasting results. Your entire foot benefits from each FMT treatment as every bone, joint, and muscle in your feet become healthier. Many patients enjoy a ripple effect, where FMT also relieves pain in their knees, hips, back, and other major joints.

Foot Mobilization Therapy requires an initial commitment to deliver the best results. The beginning phase of your treatment may involve regular, intensive treatments to reduce foot pain and inflammation. Your chiropodist will help you strengthen and develop the muscles necessary to support proper bone and joint alignment. 

Strength-building, stretching, and balance exercises help you develop a healthier foot. Your chiropodist may give you exercises to perform at home, in addition to your work at Feet in Motion. 

After your initial pain and inflammation begin to decrease, your FMT sessions will also become less frequent. However, it’s important to maintain the strength, stamina, and flexibility of your legs and feet. Your Foot Mobilization Therapy plan will be designed to keep your feet strong and healthy for many years to come. No other therapy can offer the powerful, long-lasting reduction of foot pain or dysfunction.

Who Can Benefit From Foot Mobilization Therapy?

Foot Mobilization Therapy is a gentle, non-invasive option that’s a smart choice for many patients. FMT can improve common conditions such as foot pain and stiffness, as well as many specialized disorders. If you’re having foot pain but want to avoid traditional treatments such as orthotic devices, customized shoes, heavy pain medications, or even surgery, FMT is worth exploring. 

At Feet in Motion, we recommend Foot Mobilization Therapy for the following concerns:

  • Ankle sprains, pains, and chronic instability
  • Achilles problems and calf pain
  • Arch pain
  • Arthritis
  • Shin splints
  • Big toe joint pain and stiffness 
  • Bunions
  • Cuboid Syndromes
  • Flat feet
  • Foot cramps
  • General foot pain
  • Heel pain or spurs
  • High arches
  • Plantar Fasciitis (Heel Spurs)
  • Pain in balls of feet
  • Patella and knee complaints
  • Posture problems
  • Weak ankles

Your Feet in Motion, your chiropodist will discuss all your options and help you make an informed decision regarding FMT.

Are There Any Risks to Foot Mobilization Therapy?

FMT is one of the safest, least invasive treatment options available for any part of the body. Foot Mobilization Therapy uses your foot’s natural range of motion to increase flexibility and strength. Your foot is never put into an unnatural position or stretched beyond your limits. 

There are no side effects to Foot Mobilization Therapy. Patients can remain active following the treatment. In fact, the improved foot strength, flexibility, and stability resulting from FMT allow patients to be more active. FMT is safe and effective, but some conditions are better treated by other methods. If you have a suspected fracture, hypermobile joints, fused joints, or are recovering from surgery, we will suggest an alternate treatment method for your foot pain. FMT remains a safe yet powerful treatment for most other concerns. 

Begin Your Journey with Foot Mobilization Therapy

Are you ready to discover the life-changing benefits of Foot Mobilization Therapy? Rediscover the joys of strong, healthy feet with this safe, non-invasive treatment. Contact Feet in Motion to learn more about Foot Mobilization Therapy and begin your journey towards foot health.

Currently only offered at our Mississauga location. Please call us at (905)814-0020 for more information.

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