Finally, summer has arrived and I wanted to take the time to share some pearls of wisdom with you. As the hotter days are approaching, people often switch to open toe sandals, flip flops or even barefoot when out and about in the backyard. Although it may feel liberating to lets those toes out, think again!

Traditional sandals or flip flops do not provide your feet with the needed support and stability required to protect your arches and toes. They can encourage your toes to grasp for stability and cause your arches to slump inward thus ultimately causing foot pain that you will feel at the end of those long summer days.

Walking barefoot, especially for diabetics or others with circulation and/or nerve conditions can pose a great cause for concern as a minor cut or abrasion may lead to infection or worse, an ulcer!

Here are some tips to get your feet summer ready..

  • If you must walk barefoot, limit the time you are doing so. This will reduce the risk of sunburns on the fragile skin on top of your feet and reduce the risk of contracting a plantar wart especially when you are around pools or communal areas!
  • Always remember that sunscreen can go on your feet too, don’t forget to reapply after swimming and after a couple of hours in the sun.
  • If you notice swelling in your ankles as most do in the summer time, drink more water to minimize the swelling. Stay hydrated!
  • Do you have sweaty feet? Try doing a foot soak with Epsom salt and lukewarm water for 15 mins. This will help to dry out your feet and reduce the chance of bacteria/fungus growing in between the toes.
  • Thinking of a pedicure? Make sure the instruments are autoclave sterilized or you are using your own nail pack to reduce the chance of bacterial/fungal cross contamination. Remember corns and ingrown toenails should be treated by registered chiropodists or foot specialists.
  • Wear the right footwear for the summer activity. If you are hiking the trails in Algonquin or simply walking the dog around the park, make sure you are wearing the right footwear to do so. You can contact your local chiropodist if you are unsure of what shoes you should be wearing or are experiencing any foot pain when wearing certain shoes.
  • If you injure your feet i.e. ankle sprain, or have any foot concerns i.e. blisters, warts, contact your nearest medical professional to assist you as soon as possible.

Have a great summer folks!

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