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Orthotic Shoes in Mississauga & Hamilton

Orthotic shoes are designed to provide greater support to the feet and ankles than regular footwear. In fact, the purpose of these shoes is in the name; “ortho” is “correct” and “pedi” is “foot.”

orthopedic footwear in Mississauga and Hamilton

These specialty shoes are designed with both function and fashion in mind. They come in various styles to provide a fashionable supportive shoe for all people, no matter their age, who suffer from poor foot and gait mechanics.

Orthotic shoes are not custom. Instead, they are shoes that are purchased off the shelf in order to support various abnormalities in the foot. To be considered orthopedic, the footwear must be created specially as an orthopedic shoe, meet specific requirements, and labeled as orthopedic by the shoe manufacturer. Looking for custom made orthopedic shoes in Mississauga? We got you covered!

Most orthopedic shoes come in various sizes and widths. They tend to have an insole that is removable in order to accommodate the wearer’s needs such as any orthotics or modifications.

If you’re wondering about orthotic shoes in Mississauga & Hamilton and whether or not they’re right for you, read on.

Why should I use orthotic shoes?

Anyone who is suffering from functional or structural foot issues can benefit from orthopedic shoes. These problems include flat feet, hammertoes, bunions, plantar fasciitis, diabetes, heel spurs, arthritis, swollen feet and other general foot care problems.

It’s important to keep in mind that the majority of foot problems arise due to wearing shoes with an improper fit. Thus, orthotic shoes are specially designed to ensure a correct fit, thereby ensuring that the feet, ankles, and legs are supported appropriately.

There are a number of components that most orthopedic shoes have, which make them an effective shoe choice for people who struggle with foot issues. These components include removable insoles, a firm heel counter to keep the heel in place, excess room for toes to prevent crowding, a stretchable body to help the shoe conform to the foot’s contours, excessive sizes and widths, and a soft, breathable interior.

With the increased cushioning provided by orthotic shoes in Mississauga & Hamilton, as well as the medial support and increased rigidity, those with foot abnormalities are able to experience a reduction in foot pain and discomfort.

All of the components of orthopedic footwear work together to create a comfortable, supportive shoe for the wearer. The common structural characteristics of orthopedic shoes make them incredibly beneficial for anyone with foot abnormalities or conditions.

When orthotic shoes fit the wearer accurately, pain or swelling in the feet tend to subside, and any chronic foot pain is reduced. This is due to the heel cushioning and arch support that orthopedic shoes have.

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