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The weather is getting warmer and we know you are looking to get outside and go for a run or walk! We made a short video to help you test for running shoe stability when buying your next pair of shoes! Click on the image above for a link to the video.

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Head Heels Pain

High heels. They can create a sense of regal empowerment and give you confidence when strutting around the workplace or night out on town, but they can also be the source of terrible foot pain and deformity. If you are someone who wears heels all day every day, you...

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Not always FUN to be around a FUN-gi

Fungus.  It’s a common skin and/or nail infection that chiropodists treat and we get all sorts of questions about it! Here are some quick tips and facts about these annoying foot invaders. Fungus is a type of dermatophyte that lives off the keratin in our hair, skin...

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