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Healthy feet are crucial to our ability to function and enjoy life. We provide a wide scope of services to treat many common foot conditions that you may be suffering from ranging from general foot care to custom made foot orthotics. When you visit our clinic, we will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your feet and lower limb. This involves taking a detailed patient history, neurovascular/dermatological examination and biomechanical/gait analysis. From this, we can create a treatment plan to get you on your feet! If you have any questions or concerns regarding your feet, call us today and we will be sure to take care of you.



Cryotherapy involves applying low temperatures to destroy warts or skin growths. It is a relatively safe and quick treatment of choice. Your chiropodist will let you know if this is the right option for you.


Custom Made Foot Orthotics

Custom orthotics are a therapeutic device made with the objective of supporting, correcting or compensating for a particular deformity or weakness, thereby supporting proper foot function. At Feet In Motion, your chiropodist will determine if you are a candidate for custom made foot orthotics. By conducting a full bio-mechanical and gait analysis, combined with either a 3D laser or Plaster of Paris cast of your feet, the best orthotic will be created to fit your needs.

Whether you’re a marathon runner or suffer from chronic arthritic pain, there is always an option for you. Chiropodists are one of the few health care practitioners regulated by their college in prescribing and dispensing custom foot orthotics


Orthopedic Footwear

If you have trouble finding the right pair of shoes or standard shoes are not providing you with the comfort you need, we offer a wide range of orthopedic footwear to suit your feet structure and reduce discomfort. Orthopedic footwear brands are specialized shoes that offer features of support and cushioning that standard footwear don’t always provide. Consult with our chiropodist for an assessment and find the right shoe for you!


Compression Stockings

Do you suffer swollen, tired achy legs? Do you have a family history of varicose veins or poor venous circulation? Then graduated compression stockings may be for you! These specialized stockings are designed to support the veins in the legs in order to assist with improving circulation and minimize swelling.

At our clinic we provide both over the counter lower grade compression stockings and custom fitted higher grade compression stockings in varying length to fit your needs. Higher grade compression stockings may require a prescription from your medical doctor. Talk to our chiropodist to determine the proper fit and style for you.


Nail Surgery

Our chiropodists are skilled in performing nail surgery for patients who require a correction of chronic painful or infected ingrown toenail. For certain patients this procedure is recommended in order to walk or run pain free. This procedure is done under local anesthesia and is fairly quick to perform.


Injection Therapy

Injection therapy is one of the more common therapeutic treatments when it comes to acute and chronic inflammatory or arthritic conditions. Cortisone or its derivatives are widely used drugs administered with the aim of reducing inflammation and restoring function and mobility in joints, fascias or soft tissues of the body. If recommended, your chiropodist may use injection therapy in order to reduce inflammatory pain and swelling seen in many common conditions such as plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, bursitis, neuroma (nerve inflammation) or arthritis.


General Foot Care

For a lot of people, taking care of their feet only becomes a priority once they start to develop pain or discomfort when walking or with exercise. At Feet In Motion, we believe that preventative care starts with the basics – proper foot hygiene and supportive suitable footwear. If you are someone who suffers from corns, hard calluses, thick/fungal nails, ingrown toenails, plantar warts or simply want to learn about how to properly care for your feet, give us a call today!