With the winter months approaching us, Canadians are getting ready to hunker down and brace themselves for the drier, colder temperatures. We tend to only think about winterizing our cars and homes but what about your feet? 

The winter climate can take its toll on our feet. From dry skin to fungal infections, blisters and sore feet from shovelling snow and trying to keep them warm, it can get daunting. Here are a few simple tips to get your feet winter ready:

1- Start with supportive, anti-slip tread winter boots. Make sure your winter boots fit your feet well. Slipping inside your boots can cause blisters and make your feet sore as they try to constantly stabilize themselves. There should be room to wiggle your toes but your heel should not slip up and down when you walk.

2- Pick your socks well. Opt for merino wool blends or socks with a higher cotton content, as this will control moisture and allow for more breatheability. Do change your socks if they feel damp during the day. Your feet should be dry and warm, not cold and damp!

3- Clean your feet! Seems obvious right? Yes, but a lot of people forget to clean and dry in between their toes and this is exactly where fungal or bacterial infections can occur! When we wear socks and boots all day, this environment is a breeding ground for infections. Aside from your daily shower, simply add an epsom foot soak into your weekly routine. Add 1/4 cup of Epsom salt to ankle height lukewarm water in a basin, soak for 15 mins and dry well in between the toes afterwards. *Diabetics and patients with circulatory conditions should consult with our chiropodists before doing this*

4- Moisturize your feet after every shower or bath. The drier, colder weather will also dry out your skin, so make sure you moisturize your feet with a good quality cream or emollient, ideally once or twice a day, to avoid cracks in your heels. Moisturizers with ingredients like urea and ceramides are reccommended. 

If you have any concerns about your feet this winter season, contact one of our clinics in the Mississauga or Hamilton area for more information! From your friends at Feet in Motion Foot Care and Orthotics